1 - 7 September 2021


SA Marriage Week is celebrated in the first week of September annually. This year’s theme is Marriage without Masks. In the midst of a world so focused on masks right now – we’re encouraging you to embrace intimacy with your spouse and remove the masks in your marriage. It’s the season to have authentic conversations and get real with your partner this Marriage Week! Our prayer is that your marriage will grow as you draw closer to your spouse. Sign up below and receive a link to ‘The Perfect 10 Marriage’ where couples from across the globe get real about their marriages and navigate those difficult conversations that are sometimes easier to avoid. You will also receive amazing resources everyday this Marriage Week to strengthen and nurture your marriage.

Why Marriage Week?

Marriage is a brilliant institution that all of society should celebrate. Hence Marriage Week, a time to say “Wake up. Marriage is a great idea”, and since a healthy marriage is a skill, let’s learn some new skills to turn our marriages from good to very good! We believe that a great marriage can be learnt; just the same way as a person can learn to read a book or drive a car. We are convinced that healthy marriage creates stability and security for couples (along with plenty of fun and laughter), and that marriage adds a stability premium to couples that is difficult to ignore.

We want to get everyone in the World talking about relationship skills, attending Marriage Week local events and remembering, for those who are married, why they fell in love in the first place.

We are distinctly orientated towards the promotion of the importance of marriage, and encouraging couples to see the benefits of adopting an “intentional” marriage. We consider that from a spiritual, physical, financial and statistical perspective, marriage provides the best possible environment for a healthy relationship to develop, or in other words it is the best choice a couple can make. If you are fortunate to be in a marriage, you should look after it.

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