Marriage Week Volunteer


This is the 7th year that SA Marriage Week will take place in South Africa (this is a yearly initiative that runs from 1 - 7 September).

  • Do you want to take hands with the SA Marriage Week Team?
  • Do you want to become a Marriage Week volunteer and be our hands in feet in your community?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the marriages of your friends, family and community?

Then this letter is for you!

What is a Marriage Week Volunteer?

A Marriage Volunteer is a person that takes a stand for marriages in their own capacity - They take the responsibility of making a difference in the communities and by encouraging other couples to take part in SA Marriage Week. 

We are looking for dynamic individuals to act as volunteers and friends of SA Marriage Week to take up the very important (but also very satisfying!) responsibility of spreading the message of Marriage Week in their towns, cities, churches and communities.

Marriage Capsule Volunteers will take part in one of (or both!) two main groups:

1) Volunteers willing to organise a function/initiative at their church/school/work or anywhere else in their local communities.

Possible options (these are only ideas - you are encouraged to use your own initiate):

  • Arrange an event where couples can renew their marriage vows.
  • Ask your Pastor or Church leader to pray for couples during Marriage Week.
  • Get a couple of couples together and simply celebrate your marriages (this can be at a nice restaurant, or even at someone's home with a smaller, intimate gathering).

2) Volunteers willing to help spread the message of SA Marriage Week in their communities

Possible options (these are once again only ideas - you are encouraged to use your own initiate):

  • Bake/buy cupcakes and hand them out to couples at your local grocery store, wishing them a happy Marriage WEek.
  • Help spread the word by sending one of our press releases to your local newspaper or radio station.
  • Print a couple of posters for your church and/or office.
  • Make your professional services available during Marriage Week - perhaps you can help us with marketing, or you can make your products or services available at cost price, or you can sponsor a couple of counseling sessions... Follow year heart and see where you can help!
  • You can also forward our free downloadables to friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

The possibilities are endless. As the saying goes: “The sky is the limit! If you are based in Pretoria, you can visit our offices and see where we can use your assistance.... we always need extra hands!!

Please contact us and let us know where you can help to make a difference. Send an email to