• Wear a white ribbon during Marriage Week to show your support. Tie it around your handbag, your arm or pin it against your chest.
  • Tie a big white ribbon around a tree in front of your house
  • Follow any of the free downloadable marriage courses – follow us on social media for the new 2015 course.
  • Use our official sticker as your profile pic for the week of 1-7 September.

Are you running out of ideas for Marriage Week? Here are 5 easy ways to participate this year:

MW 5 ways

Here are 10 ideas to celebrate Marriage Week!

  1. Blow up one balloon for every year that you’ve been married. Write romantic messages on pieces of paper and place one message in every balloon. Your partner will love popping every balloon and discovering why you love him/her!
  2. Create a dream evening. Lie on your backs on a picnic blanket on the grass and admire the stars while you dream about your short-term and long-term plans. Some dreams may be achievable, but there can be some dreams that will stay just that, a dream…
  3. Use your cell phone to record a video for your hubby. Tell him what it is about him that you love and why, and send it to him.
  4. Bury a container in the back garden with something special as a symbol for the year. Maybe a photo or simply a love letter to each other.
  5. Switch the TV off during dinner every night during this week. By doing this, you will have more time for each another and you’ll be able to listen to each another (without the soccer game in the background) – this will make a huge difference in your relationship.
  6. Swap tasks this week. It might not be practical, but try to swap at least one of the regular tasks. Your hubby could take the kids to school this week while you clean the pool. It’s a way for you to step into each another’s shoes and appreciate each other again.
  7. Become sentimental on social media. This month, search for lovely quotes, photos of the two of you together and inspiring thoughts to post or tweet about. Remember to tag your hubby so that he can see the posts and know that when you posted them, you thought about him. Follow Marriage Week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  8. Make a wine capsule. Buy a good bottle of wine (maybe attend a wine tasting evening if you can). Discuss your plans for the year ahead, similar to vows, and seal them in the empty wine bottle – then open it during next year’s Marriage Week.
  9. Make delivering a service, a priority. How many years have you been married? Maybe 12? Then deliver 12 good deeds – almost like paying it forward? These deeds should be beneficial towards someone else’s marriage. Discuss an experience you’ve been through with another couple. Offer to babysit another couple’s children on their date night. Buy a counselling session for friends of yours who you know are going through a rough patch…
  10. Enjoy a history tour of your relationship. Visit all the places that mean something to both of you. Maybe where you met, where you had your first date, where you got engaged and married. And even the hospital where your firstborn was born!





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Pretoria got its own love bridge during September 2014. The bridge is already loaded with lots of symbolic locks... and you can still add your own lock to the bridge!

A lock is a symbol of eternity, safety, protection... and what better way to let someone know that you "lock" your love to him/her with an engraved lock on a love bridge?

Love Bridge is FREE and open to the public in Magnolia Dell in the heart of Pretoria. Enjoy a cappuccino at Huckleberry’s and put your lock on the bridge.

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